"Fantastic results"

TOM WILLS races with the Wentworthville Pigeon Club affiliated with Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation. (430 Flyers). Tom has also raced with Southern Racing Pigeon Federation. (40-60 Flyers) and has finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Cumberland Federation Averages. In these prestigeous races he has been a dominant Fancier.

Also, Tom has won the Southern Federation Averages 5 times out of 7 years. Tom attributes his birds’ successful racing to DERBY AVIAN BOOST, a special product of Hans Gaven’s company Mineral Energy. 

DERBY AVIAN BOOST enables the birds to survive long distance races in severe weather conditions as are frequently experienced in Australia. Cumberland Federation flyers have experienced very difficult racing – birds returning home very thirsty and distressed. Tom did not have this problem, having the better returns and performances in this hard season.

Tom attributes these results to this wonderful product DERBY AVIAN BOOST given to his pigeons before and after racing.

Merrylands N.S.W.

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